“To wish to be well is a part of becoming well.”


Dog Therapy Service in Newark

For generations dogs have been used to offer love, warmth and companionship to humans. The idea of dog assisted therapy was pioneered by Florence Nightingale where patients in a psychiatric hospital were relieved from anxiety when spending time with animals.

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Dog Therapy in Newark

Sigmund Freud also used his dog to communicate with his patients. Freud found that his patients felt more at ease and comfortable talking with his dog which increased comfort and trust in talking to him. Dogs in therapy has been reported to help many psychological and emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and social skills. Research undertaken in 2001 by scientists found that people with high blood pressure could better control their physiological health during times of stress if they owned a pet. Being around, and stroking pets can help reduce the bodies production of cortisol the stress hormone.

About Molly

My name is Molly. I am a black Labrador and I was born in August 2017. I love going for walks and running around fields. I like jumping in puddles and swimming in lakes and rivers. I love being around people and meeting new children. I often go to school where I have to run around the playground with all the children chasing me shouting and laughing. I always win! Sometimes I have to sit with children who are not feeling good. I put my head on their knee and I let them stroke me. I know they like this because it makes them smile. I like my tummy being tickled and when I am good I get an extra treat. When I am at home my favourite place to have a rest is in front of the fire.

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